Warm Fertilizer-Liquid

CANKAR Organic Worm Fertilizers
This worm fertilizer product can be applied to every type of farm cultivation. It is especially efficient in organic farming and green housing.
Benefits of CANKAR Organic Worm Fertilizers
• Can be applied to every type of farm cultivation. 
• Provides stamina, fast growth and maturity for the plant and enables quicker harvesting. 
• Increases the amount of organic content within the soil. 
• Improves productivity by at least 30%. 
• Accelerates the root growth of the plants. Improves the spreading of the root in the soil so that the plant can grow stronger. 
• Plants improve resistance to root diseases with the help of the ceolom liquid transferred to the compost through the worms. 
• Numerous microorganisms present in the digestive systems of the worms fight with the harmful bacteria in the soil and remove their negative effects. This improves the strength of the plants againts diseases. 
• 100% Organic, 100% ecological and non-toxic. 
• Does not contain any additives.
•The plant nutritive components as well as macro and micro elements within the compost dissolve slowly with watering, thereby allowing the plants to nourish over a long period of time, and the need for composting diminishes over time. 
• Microorganism activity of the soil increases. 
• Water retention capacity of the soil increases. Water stress is decreased to a minimum level. 
• Regulates the Ph balance of the soil. Plant nutritive elements that cannot be used by the plant such as phosphorous, potassium, iron, etc. are made dissolvable in the soil so that they can be absorbed by the plant. 
• Does not carry weed seeds. 
• Enables the growth of plants with 100% superior quality, taste and aroma. 
• Enables the rehabilitation of lands that have been polluted, have lost strength and vitality, and have been impoverished due to the use of chemicals. Need for chemical composts will therefore eventually decrease. 
• Improves the porous structure of the soil by loosening the element attachment of acidic or sandy soils.
 • Enables the soil to develop a more suitable structure for plant growth.