Round Baler and Wrapper

Save on stretch and packaging cost thanks to its large capacity of 500 Kg.

No need for a high power tractor - generator integrated on board.

Free transportation ; it can be transported by a low-loader truck (TIR) or by tractor (optional)

Installation and startup takes only a few minutes.

Thanks to the touch screen panel control, the user monitors the entire machine .

Spacious, low-rise bucket for easy direct feeding.

Spare parts and remote technical assistance available.

Bale Width 800 x 1000 mm
Bale Weight 450 - 500 kg
Capacity 45-50 Balls / hour
Strech Dimension 500 mm
Packing Unit by Strech 2 number
Strech Packaging Control Automatic
Tin and Film Size 1050 - 1100 mm
Tin and Film Control Automatic
Press System Elastic
Weighing System Automatic
Processed Equipment Corn silage, beet pulp, fruit pulp, green fodder
Power Required 38 KW
Drive Power Electric and generator
Number of Tires 4
Machine Weight 8500 kg
Machine Length 12 meters
Machine Width 3,5 meters
Machine Height 3,26 meters
Transport Length 9,7 meters
Transport Width 2,8 meters
Transport Height 3,6 meters
Lowbed vehicle connection (for low loader) mobile system or by tractor (optional)
Number of axes Cradle system
Machine Control Electronic Automation
Orijin of the Machine Turkey
Lowbed mobility (for low loader) mobile system